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    Custom Website Design E-Church Essentials, LLC offers custom website development services for only $50/hour. Most projects require 10 to 25 hours to create. We also accept website designs created by your church's gaphic artist (The website concept must be designed according to our specifications), for a flat fee of $300...the cost to convert the submitted design into a functional website.

    To view previous projects, please visit our Gallery, or select the link below.
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    Custom eLearning The E-Church Network online Discipleship Community offers your church a powerful multimedia e-learning platform. Now your ministry can disciple people 24/7/365. And, it's easy to use! Your church can create your own courses without the need of a professional webmaster. However, if your church requires content creation services, David A. Posthuma, who is a nationally published author, pastor, software designer, and church consultant, can provide the support you need for only $50/hour.
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    Mobilization Assessments Only E-Church Essentials, LLC offers professional web-based assessments for:

    1) Personality

    2) Leadership Style

    3) Spiritual Gifts

    4) Skills/Interest Tracking

    Select the button below to learn more.
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    Social Media Solutions The E-Church Network Online Discipleship Community offers several integrated social media features, including:

    1) Discusion Forums

    2) Podcasting

    3) Blogs with RSS Feeds

    4) Team Meeting Rooms

    5) Virtual Classroom Forums
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    Team Meeting Rooms The E-Church Network offered team/group virtual meeting rooms, long before Yahoo Goups or Google Groups existed. Your ministry administrator can create unlimited numbers of teams/groups, and assign registered community members to the various teams. Once assigned, any post made by a member of a team, will be received by the other team members in both their email and E-Church Network account.

    To learn more about this integrated feature, select the button below.
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    Online Prayer Journal How easy it is for Christ followers to forget how God has worked within their lives in the past.

    The E-Church Network's Online Discipleship Community offers an integrated Prayer Journal that enables community members to record their prayer concerns, as well as how God faithfully provides an answer to each prayer concern.

    All Prayer entries are dated and archived for easy review.
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    The eShift The eShift is the latest book by David A. Posthuma, published by CLC Publications of Philadelphia, PA.

    The eShift addresses the decline of Attractional Church, and the rise of the Internet-Influenced Church. For the past fourty years, North American churches have conducted their services largely in a manner influenced by television cultural values. However, young adults today prefer the internet culture over the television culture. This cultural preferance radically impacts how corporate worship and Biblical instruction takes place, now and in the future.
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    The eShift Blog The eShift Blog, by David A Posthuma, is a place where David explores interactive ministry strategies, and other internet-influenced cultural values that are relevant to Christ's Church in this current epoch.

    The articles written in the eShift blog build upon David's published book by the same name. Blog readers and commentators are encouraged to first read David's book, before reading and contributing to the various eShift blog conversations.
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    Ministry Support Articles David A Posthuma also maintians a blog associated with his AssessME.org online assessment system. This blog provides articles and resources to help church leaders better assess, equip, and mobilize, the people God has given them, into ministry service.
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Leonard Sweet

LEONARD SWEET: "Ever wonder what it was like to have been on the ground floor with Jeff Bezos of Amazon or Pierre Omidyar of ebay.com? Wonder no longer. Join David A Posthuma of E-Church Essentials.com and hold on - the future is forming right before your eyes and under your feet".

LEONARD SWEET REVIEWS DAVID'S BOOK, eSHIFT: "I expect this book to stir controversy, but of the best sort: eye-opening and mind-altering perspectives on what it might mean for the church to embrace the Internet today as the primary delivery system for learning and faith development as our Protestant ancestors adopted the book as their primary delivery system in the Reformation Church." Leonard Sweet, best-selling author and professor (Drew University, George Fox University), and chief contributor to sermons.com

Dan Webster

DAN WEBSTER: "Dave Posthuma and E-Church Essentials share my passion to train and inspire leaders to live authentic lives of great impact. Rarely do you meet someone as passionate about the church with the technological genius of Dave. I love how he is helping churches by leading them into the technological future. Pay attention to what he is doing and access his outrageous resource. It will help you as you both grow and organize your church."

The E-Church Network by E-Church Essentials,LLC is designed specifically for ease-of-use by pastors and church staff...there is no need for a webmaster to manage your online ministry. David A Posthuma also offers introductory guided tours and two FREE hours of staff training to help your church launch your online ministry successfully.

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What is the E-Church Network offered by E-Church Essentials, LLC?

In 2002, David A Posthuma began work on the world's first true eMinistry platform called: "The E-Church Network". The E-Church Network is an all-inclusive, full featured, browser-based, online ministry software system designed to extend relational ministry from your local church, into the global mission field. The philosophy behind the E-Church Network is to provide at least one integrated software module for each mission-directive the New Testament ascribes to Christ's Church...with one exception, David could not discern how to baptise online...which is evidence that eMinistry will never surplant the local church congregation. However, eMinistry tools can help extend the local church's global impact for Christ in a way that was never before possible.

Since that time, the E-Church Network has undergone numerous system upgrades. The E-Church Network remains one of the most feature-rich ministry platforms designed specifically for use by churches and para-church organizations. You can get started with global ministry now, simply register your church with the E-Church Network, click-on: Register Now.

The E-Church Network by E-Church Essentials,LLC is designed specifically for ease-of-use by pastors and church staff...there is no need for a webmaster to manage your online ministry. David A Posthuma also includes two FREE hours of staff training to help your church launch your online ministry successfully.

Screen Shots of the E-Church Network Online Discipleship Community:

1.) Screen Shot - The Personal Page
2.) Screen Shot - Website Management
3.) Screen Shot - Website Content Management
4.) Screen Shot - eLearning Programs
5.) Screen Shot - eLearning Course Management
6.) Screen Shot - eLearning Content Management
7.) Screen Shot - eLearning Course Catalog
8.) Screen Shot - Blog Administration
9.) Screen Shot - Blog Content Management
10.) Screen Shot - Event Calendar
11.) Screen Shot - ePersonality Assessment
12.) Screen Shot - Grace Gifts Assessment
13.) Screen Shot - Leadership Style Assessment
14.) Screen Shot - Skills & Interest Tracking
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